Dimethyl malonate/Dimethyl malonate/108-59-8/pipecolic acid intermediate

Dimethyl malonate Synonym: Methyl malonate;  Malonic acid dimethyl esterCAS No.: 108-59-8EINECS No.: 203-597-8Molecular Formula: C5H8O4Molecular Weight: 132.12Structure Formula:                                 Stand

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Dimethyl malonate
Synonym: Methyl malonate;  Malonic acid dimethyl ester
CAS No.: 108-59-8
EINECS No.: 203-597-8
Molecular Formula: C5H8O4
Molecular Weight: 132.12
Structure Formula:
                               Dimethyl Malonate / Malonic Acid Dimethyl Ester / 108-59-8 / Pipemidic Acid Intermediate
AppearanceColorless transparent  liquid
Assay (GC)≥99.0%
Color (APHA)≤20

Properties: It is a colorless liquid, can be mixed with ethers, alcohols and oils, with a fragrant odor. Soluble in alcohol, ether and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in water.Melting point -62ºC
Boiling point:181.4ºC, Relative Density:1.156, Refractive index (nD17):1.4135.
Uses:  Used in pharmaceutical and organic synthesis. It is the main raw material for the production of PPA (in non-Propylene glycol ethoxymethylenemalonate method): the reaction of orthoformate and urea to produce produce PPA. It also can be used as comparative sample of gas chromatography, organic synthesis.
Storage: Sealed and stored in a light-resistant, cool, dry and ventilative place.
Packing: 200kg plastic barrel.

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