Silane coupling agent 560, CAS number 2530-83-8

Silane Coupling Agent 560 Chemical: Gamma-Glycid oxypropyl trimethoxy silaneSimilar Product:SilpuestA-187 silane of Crompton corporation(U.S.A)KBM-403silane of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.(Japan)Z-6040silane of Dow corning corporation(U.S.A )Specification: AppearanceClear, pale liquidMolec

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Silane Coupling Agent 560
Chemical: Gamma-Glycid oxypropyl trimethoxy silane

Similar Product:
SilpuestA-187 silane of Crompton corporation(U.S.A)
KBM-403silane of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.(Japan)
Z-6040silane of Dow corning corporation(U.S.A )

AppearanceClear, pale liquid
Molecular Weight236.1
Specific Gravity at 25/25ºC1.069
Refractive Index ND25ºC1.427
Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup,ºC(ºF) 110(230)
Boiling point, ºC(ºF290(554)

Product Introduction: 
It is epoxy functional silane suitable for use as adhesion promoters in polysulfide,
 urethane, epoxy and acrylic caulks, sealants and adhesives.

(1) It is mainly used to improve the adhesion between the surface of organic material and inorganic material, for example, the treatment of the glass fabric in glass steel and the silicon stuffing in plastic, rubber, paint, coating, etc. Also used in adhesive to strengthen the adhesion. The suitable resin include epoxy, phenol aldehyde, melamine, polysulfide, poly amino ester, polystyrene, etc.
(2) Improve the adhesion between inorganic stuffing, base material and resin, hence improve the mechanical strength, electric property of composite material and high retention in wet state.
(3) As the surface treating agent of inorganic stuffing, widely used in pottery clay, talcum powder, silicon grey clay, white carbon black, silica, aluminum powder, iron powder, etc.
(4) As epoxy sealing agent to stuff silica, epoxy concrete remedy material or coating to stuff sand and epoxy mould material to stuff metal.
(5) Improve the adhesion of double-component epoxy sealing agent, acrylic acid latex, sealing agent, polyamino ester, epoxy coating.

Package: :200kg/drum

Silane Coupling Agent 560, CAS No. 2530-83-8

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