Water-based stone-like coating organic silicon modified acrylate emulsion

water based acrylic polymer emulsionfor stone like, multi color, sand in water wall paints1. Products instructionWater based Acrylic Polymer EmulsionUsed for building coatingsTypeApplicationsHN-101Interior wall paint, color tile paint & etc.HN-102Internal and external general paintHN-996General internal and external paintHN-

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water based acrylic polymer emulsion
for stone like, multi color, sand in water wall paints

1. Products instruction
Water based Acrylic Polymer Emulsion
Used for building coatings
HN-101Interior wall paint, color tile paint & etc.
HN-102Internal and external general paint
HN-996General internal and external paint
HN-4208AStone-Like Coating emulsion
HN-4208Stone-Like Coating emulsion for spray
HN-01FAs a general purpose primer for  the internal and external  walls
HN-314TElastic putty, elastic paint, the external  wall  insulation  system, etc.
HN-519NTElastic putty, elastic paint, the external  wall  insulation  system, etc.
HN-340TSingle component waterproof, putty, gigging paint
HN-332TElastomeric waterproofing coating, JS waterproof coating, putty, etc.

2. Water-based Acrylic Polymer Emulsion
NameStone like coating emulsion
ApplicationsBuilding materail, stone like paint, wall paint

Water Based Stone Like Coating Paint Silicone Modified Acrylate Emulsion

3.Emulsion type:
Water Based Stone Like Coating Paint Silicone Modified Acrylate Emulsion

Stone-like coating emulsion

5.Product indicators:
1.Appearance: Translucency and light blue liquid
2.Solid content: 46±2wt%
3.Viscosity cps (25ºC):3000-6000cps
4.Particle Size(nm): 60-100
5.PH: 7.0-8.0
6.Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): 23ºC
7.Minimum Film Formation Temperature(MFT): 22ºC
Water Based Stone Like Coating Paint Silicone Modified Acrylate Emulsion

Silicone modified acrylate emulsion, has best water resisting property, white floating resistance and   best bond strength, short drying time, good film properties, best initial  water resisting, has excellent comprehensive performance.

7.Packing & Storage
1. HN-4208A is packaged in 200kgs/1000kgs plastic barrel or iron barrel and soft packing for containers.
2. The allowable weight deviation is 1kg for 200kgs barrel and 2kgs for 1000kgs barrel.
3. The minimum order should be more than 1 ton.
4. The storage temperature is at 5-35 degree Celsius for 6 months. Exposed in direct sunlight or placed at minus 0 degree Celsius is prohibited.
Water Based Stone Like Coating Paint Silicone Modified Acrylate Emulsion

8.Company introduction:

1. Two factories in China. Headquarters is in Qingzhou city and the production factory is in Qingdao city.
2. 110,000.00 square meters covering area in total.

3. Nearly 30 years of water based acrylic polymer production experience.
4. Top class research teams and full automatic manufacturing lines.
5. Eco friendly products.
6. Up to 200,000 tons production yearly.
7. International sales ability.  
Water Based Stone Like Coating Paint Silicone Modified Acrylate Emulsion
Qingdao Highonour Chemical Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and markets water-based acrylic polymers, waterborne polyurethane polymers, and auxiliary additives. The company is located in a professional chemical park in Qingdao -Qingdao Xinhe Ecological Chemical Industrial Base. The company has a throughput capacity of 60,000 tons of acrylic acid and its ester raw materials, as well as a production scale of 90,000 tons of water-based polymer and 30,000 tons of water-based paint.

Focus, concentration, and professional. Highonour has over 20 years of experience in the development, production, and application of waterborne acrylic polymers. In cooperation with a number of universities and research institutes to introduce new technologies and new ideas, the experienced R&D team continuously innovates and develops new products and upgrades the production system. With water-based polymers as the core, Highonour extends upstream and downstream to form a vertically integrated industrial cluster of monomer-polymer-coating, which provides customers with a one-stop platform covering material supply, technology consultation, application guide, and lab testing. 

The products are widely used in architectural decoration, adhesives, building sealants, textiles, waterproof, metal rust, water-based printing inks, water-based wood lacquer, soil and sand curing, and other fields. Qingdao Highonour adheres to the business philosophy of "pursuing both material and spiritual happiness of all employees, providing healthy and environmentally friendly products for human beings, contributing to the progress and development of the society." In the production and R&D, Highonour continually improves the performance and price advantage of waterborne polymers, aiming to provide healthy, environmentally friendly, low VOC, and even VOC-free solutions to the market.
Water Based Stone Like Coating Paint Silicone Modified Acrylate Emulsion
9. Other applications
1. For building coating application
- HN-101/102/996 for interior and exterior wall paints
- HN-4208/4208A for stone-like paints
- HN-01F for wall primers
- HN-314T/519T for wall putties
- HN-340T/HN-332T for waterproof coatings
2. For sealant adhesives application
- HN-154VE for construction sealants
- HN-101D for waterproof sealants
- HN-166T for high elastic silicone
3. Polymer auxiliaries
- AT-01/ATW-60/ATW-2000 Thickening agents
- WP-19/WP-5040 Dispersing agents
4. Textile adhesives application
- HN-5001 for scree pigment pastes/discharge pastes
- HN-SL530 for wet curtains bonding
- HN-9827 for sponge adhesives
- HN-2108S/3451HF for glass fibre grid cloth hardening adhesives
- HN-YS861 for wallpaper printing inks
- HN-8321 for magic Velcro/hook and loop fastener backing adhesives
- HN-6019 for PSA pressure sensitive adhesives
- HN-NK701 for flexo inks
- HN-PM01 for carpet backing adhesives-
- HN-MQ603 for wood furniture varnish/lacquer
5. Dust suppression application
- HN-130VA for frequent spray dust control
- HN-152VA for non-pollution dust control
- HN-158T for high end dust control
6. Metal antirust application
- HN-1019/AC610/02BF for metal antirust
Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a manufacturer, not a trading company. Two factories, one is in Qingzhou city and the other is in Qingdao city.
Q: How long is your lead time?
A: The normal lead time is 5-10 days. It is according to the quantity and inquire of us before place any orders.
Q:Do you provide free samples? Are the samples free of charge or need to be paid?
A: Yes, Free samples of 0.5-1 kg for each type are available for our customers. The samples are free but the freight is collected.
Q: What are the terms of payment?
A: Full payment is needed in advance before shipment.
Q: How about your research ability? Do you offer technical support service?
A: We have our own research labs and testing labs. Many universities and institutes has built a long-term strategic partnership with us. We offer technical support services for our customers.
Q: Can I place a small order for first time to test the quality?
A: Yes, you can order 1-5 tons emulsion polymer to run tests in your factory for the start order.
Q: Can I visit your factory?
A: Yes, you are welcome to visit our production factory in Qingdao or headquarters in Qingzhou.
Q: Do you accept customised orders?
A: Yes, we take customised orders. Please inquire of us before place such orders.
Q: Can you help use develop our own factory in our own country?
A: Yes, We can help our customers to build their own factories in their countries. Please talk with our director about the details.


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