Silane coupling agent Gx-570/a-174 CAS number 2530-85-0

Min 98% Purity vinyl coupling reaction acyloxy silaneProduct Description Product ListFunctionalGroupNAMEChemical Name in EnglishCAS NO.Momentive(GE)Evonik DegussaDow CorningShin- EtsuWackerAcyloxyGX-670γ-Methacryloxypropyltriethoxysilane21142-29-0   KBE-503 GX-671γ-Methacryloxypropylmethyldie

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Min 98% Purity vinyl coupling reaction acyloxy silane

Product Description


Product List
NAMEChemical Name in EnglishCAS NO.Momentive
Evonik DegussaDow CorningShin- EtsuWacker

GX-670γ-Methacryloxypropyltriethoxysilane21142-29-0   KBE-503 
GX-671γ-Methacryloxypropylmethyldiethoxysilane65100-04-1   KBE-502 
GX-5703-(Methylacryloxyl)-propyltrimethoxy silane2530-85-0A-174MEMOZ-6030KBM-503GF31
GX-5713-Methacryloxypropylmethyldimethoxysilane14513-34-9  Z-6033KBM-502 
4369-14-6  Z-6530KBM-5103 

·Improve the mechanical properties of the composite material
·Strengthen the pollution-resistance
·Increase the cohesive force

·composite additives
·Excellent adhesive force
·Artificial stone dedicated coupling agent
♣: Application and Feature 
1. Improve the mechanical properties of composite materials
Using in unsaturated polyester composite material,can improve the mechanical property of the composite materials such as enhancing strength,improving toughness, especially can significantly improve the wet performance of the composite material.

2.Use in artificial quartz stone and agglomerated stone.In agglomerated stone, it process the surface treatment to the resin, which can significantly improve the tensile strength, bending strength, and bending modulus of elasticity of the artificial quartz stone and the agglomerated stone, also have great assistance to the anti-dirty ability and anti-foaming property of the product.

3.Improve the flexible property and its physical and mechanical properties.reinforce the filler's dispersing capacity in the resin system,also its water resistance,stain resistance,moisture resistant performance. Also with good permeability& wettability. Anti-foaming property&coupling effects.

4.Improve the antioxidant property significantly. It will not cause the base material yellowing in the process of cross-linking even long time placed.
5. Have great advantages:a).Good wettability; b).improve the impact resistance by 30-50%; c).The superior coupling performance;d).glass flake is not easy to fall off; e).Not easy yellowing.
♣: Addition method

1.Two main methods:
1).add to the resin directly and stir till uniform state, and then add the filler.
2) using diluent to dilute the silane to uniform state and spray it into the filler.(we suggest the 1st method as it make the silane evenly dispersed and improve utilization rate of the silane).

2. Volume of addition: we suggest about 8-12‰ of the resin dosage or According to the customer actual situation.

♣: Safety information
This information does not
include the required safety 
information of using this
product. Pls refer to the
MSDS and label of the container
to get the safety information of using the product, and also the about the harm to the body, 
environment and health
before operation.

♣. Valid period and storage
Sealed store in a cool,dry 
ventilated place. water and 
moisture proofing.
Keep away from fire& light 
source. Can keep for 6 months
in above condition.

♣. Packing
Packed in plastic drums of 5Kg each,25Kg each,200Kg each 1000Kg each for customers option.

♣. Limited warranty information-Please read carefully
Based on the premise of honest and trustworthy, the information provided here should be considered to be accurate.However, as we can not control the conditions and methods of using this product.This information can't replace the test that our customer effect to ensure that our products are safe, effective and fully satisfied with specific end use.This manual is only about the use of products, the actual application effect depends on different kinds of application system. The advice we offer can not be seen as the cause of the infringement of any patent rights.


Min 98% Purity vinyl coupling reaction acyloxy silane

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