Water softener and electronic descaling agent

Product name:Water Softeners and Electronic DescalersOur electronic water softeners and water decalers are guaranteed to:Remove your existing limescalePrevent any new limescale formingSave energy (up to 40%) of your heating bills.Be easy to fit with no plumbing skills requiredTo treat any type of pipe- plastic o

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Product name:

Water Softeners and Electronic Descalers

Our electronic water softeners and water decalers are guaranteed to:
Remove your existing limescale
Prevent any new limescale forming
Save energy (up to 40%) of your heating bills.
Be easy to fit with no plumbing skills required
To treat any type of pipe- plastic or copper
Require no chemicals or salt
Retain healthy minerals in your water
Help remove skin problems such as eczema
Make the water softer
Electronically soften your water

Working principle:

1. scale resist and prevent
Based on Electromagnetic Theory, invented by Dr. Lorentz, the electric water descaler
stops calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate formation. Water absorbs
electromagnetic energy, which physical structure changes and chain water molecules
break into smaller single water molecule. The single water molecule covers negative and positive ion of dissolve saline, which reduces electrostatic attraction and effective
collision, but increase water dipole moment and compatibility to negative and positive
saline, which finally loose pipe wall scale and to remove them.
2. kill bacterial and algae 
The electromagnetic wave creates turbulence flow, which destroys cell wall's ion
channel and changes cell's living ambient. Cells die as of no suitable living area.
What's more, large amount of single water molecules covers dissolve oxygen, which cut microorganism oxygen demanding so that to prevent microorganism sediment formation.
3. rust resist and corrosion prevention
Oxygen molecule in water become inert oxygen as covered by singe water molecule,
which cut off oxygen-demanding for mental rust. 
The electromagnetic field create "Skin-effect", which gathers negative charge inside
pipeline wall. Water molecule covers positive charge, it rejects Fe ion dissolve from metal pipe. Negative charge on pipeline wall attract positive Fe ion to form Fe3O4 membrane.

Technical parameters:

Technical index:
Power supplying: 220V/50Hz.
Water quality:
Hardness≤ 700mg/L( for CaCO3)
Water temperature≤ 95 Centigrades
Flow speed ≤ 2.8meter/second
Scale prevention: ≥ 95%
Sterilization efficiency: ≥ 95%
Algae killing: ≥ 95%
Working pressure: 1.0Mpa/1.6Mpa
ModelInlet and outlethorizontal type(Look picture)output power
flow rate


This includes limescale protection for commercial offices and the hotel sector, various benefits for 
swimming pools and the leisure industry, cooling towers of all sizes, food processing, agricultural 
and manufacturing industries. We also cover more specialized applications such as mining, water 
transport and power stations.

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